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Jupiter en Taureau 2023-2024
Jupiter en Taureau 2023-2024
Jupiter en Taureau 2023-2024
Livre électronique103 pages1 heure

Jupiter en Taureau 2023-2024

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Le 16 mai, Jupiter entre dans le signe du Taureau, où il restera jusqu'au 26 mai 2024. Au cours de son voyage à travers le Taureau, Jupiter nous guidera pour nous concentrer sur les fondations que nous avons construites et voir si l'environnement que nous créons nous permet de prospérer ou simplement de survivre. Jupiter en Taureau abordera également des sujets liés au plaisir, à la romance et à la finance. Au cours de son transit à travers le Taureau, Jupiter fera deux alignements incroyablement importants, rejoindra le Nœud Nord et, vers la fin de son voyage, rejoindra Uranus, débloquant des énergies magiques.

Date de sortie11 mai 2023
Jupiter en Taureau 2023-2024

Rubi Astrólogas

In addition to her astrological knowledge, Alina Rubí has an abundant professional education; she has certifications in Psychology, Tarot, Hypnosis, Reiki, Bioenergetic Healing with crystals, Angelic Healing, Dream Interpretation and is a Spiritual Instructor; he also has knowledge of Gemology. Rubí has a practical and results-oriented character which has allowed him to have a special and integrating vision of several worlds, which is very useful to find the best solutions to specific problems.  Alina writes the Monthly Horoscopes for the website of the American Association of Astrologers, you can read them on the www.astrologers.com website.  At this moment he writes weekly a column in the newspaper El Nuevo Herald on spiritual and psychological topics published every Friday in the digital form and on Mondays in print. She has her own digital column on astrology in the newspaper Diario las Américas, Rubí Astrologa. Ruby has written several articles on astrology for the monthly publication "Today's Astrologer", has taught Astrology, Tarot, Hand Reading, Crystal Healing and Spiritual Coaching. He has a segment on the Nuevo Herald YouTube channel every Thursday about the enigmas of our universe, astrology and current affairs. She had her own astrology program broadcast daily through Flamingo TV, has been interviewed by several TV programs and every year her yearbook is published with the horoscope sign by sign and other interesting mystical topics. He is currently working on several projects that are beneficial for everyone, but especially for the Latino community. All Spanish speakers will be able to take the Astrology exam with the American Association of Astrologers thanks to their efforts with this organization and the translations of the exams by Alina Rubí. He has written several books, "Rice and Beans for the Soul", "Money for All Pockets", "Rice and Beans for The Soul", "Health for All Hearts", "Astrology Classes, Learning with your Natal Chart", "Astrological Yearbook 2021, 2022, and 2023, Chinese Horoscope 2023 and Secret Spells. He currently resides in Miami, Florida. Alina speaks English and Spanish perfectly, and combines all her talents and knowledge in her readings.

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