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Les Caves du Vatican
Les Caves du Vatican
Les Caves du Vatican
Livre électronique320 pages4 heures

Les Caves du Vatican

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Date de sortie1 janv. 1956

Andre Gide

André Gide (1869 - 1951) was a French author described by The New York Times as, “French’s greatest contemporary man of letters.” Gide was a prolific writer with over fifty books published in his sixty-year career with his notable books including The Notebooks of André Walker (1891), The Immoralist (1902), The Pastoral Symphony (1919), The Counterfeiters (1925) and The Journals of André Gide (1950). He was also known for his openness surrounding his sexuality: a self-proclaimed pederast, Gide espoused the philosophy of completely owning one’s sexual nature without compromising one’s personal values which is made evident in almost all of his autobiographical works. At a time when it was not common for authors to openly address homosexual themes or include homosexual characters, Gide strove to challenge convention and portray his life, and the life of gay people, as authentically as possible.

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